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Hurricane Shutters – Self Insurance

Hurricane Sandy is still in the news!  Why is that?  The Department of Financial Services is holding seminars on Staten Island, NY explaining how to get homeowner claims paid almost 6 months later!!  Just because you are insured does not mean it will be smooth sailing to repair or replace your home after a hurricane damages it.

Hurricane shutters are a great form of self insurance.  Avoid the damage to avoid the claims.  By installing hurricane shutters or storm panels on your home you are drastically reducing the risk of a claim.  With that reduced risk comes peace of mind.  When that named storm starts heading towards the Panhandle do you want to feel helpless or secure?  Having a hurricane protection product that has been put through rigorous testing, certified by the State of Florida, and installed by an experienced licensed contractor is peace of mind.  Scrambling for whatever plywood is left at the lumber yards to do a last minute install is not a good feeling.

Hurricane protection in the form of shutters or impact windows is one of the few things you can retrofit to your home that has a definite return on investment.  Wind insurance rates can be reduced by up to 60% by installing large missile impact tested products!  All of our products are large missile impact tested.  From the Stormcatcher Wind Abatement Screens, Accordion Shutters, Aluminum Rolldown Shutters, to Bahama and Colonial Shutters – they all qualify for the maximum discount you can get on your wind insurance.  After the home is fully protected your insurance rates will immediately be discounted.  Not only will you have a return on your investment but you will have that peace of mind that you are protected from the storm and the claims that may follow.

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